Aether aetherlings are descendants of Gaia, and are born from her daughter primals Kardha, Physica, Anima, or Crea. Gentle and soft, they might tend to be the smallest of the aetherlings, but their emotion-influencing presence speaks volumes to their power.

Aether is the element of the spirit, representing energy and willpower in its purest form. It courses within all living things, manifesting as magic, emotion, and thought. It is rarely seen but always felt. As the energy that drives arcane magic, it represents control and acts as a stabilizer to all other elemental forces.


Aether aetherlings are often creatures that prize love and joy, but their sensitive natures make them  highly susceptible to the energies of others, and if they are not careful, these emotions can get the better of them. Many Aether aetherlings have Spirit essences, making them tend to be social creatures. They seek out other beings that express the essences they thrive on, and either work to spread it, or work to relieve it. Aether is a common secondary element developed by other aetherlings.

Aether Arcane Qualities:
Damage ★     Intensity ★    Longevity ★★★★★     Control ★★★★★

Aether Essences

Aether Nature essences embody aspects of magic, arcana, life forces, the aetheric parts of the Aethersky, as well as the starry energies of the Verge Above.

Aether Spirit essences can embody any emotion, including ones that overlap with other elemental Spirit essences. In particular, aether Spirit essences reflect deeply personal feelings and experiences, as well as happiness, knowledge, and rejuvenation.

Nature: Healing, Light, Aetherclouds, Stardust, Enchantment, Illusions, Books, Divination, Spirits

Spirit: Love, Joy, Kindness, Hope, Thoughts, Dreams, Forgetfulness, Memory, Loneliness

Aether Elemental Traits

The following traits are exclusive to aetherlings that bear the Aether element. To add Aether as a secondary element, the cost is 1AP.

Note: Crystal Shape traits stack with Crystal Size.

Aether Coloration

Aether aetherlings commonly show a palette that is soft, subtle, and lightly colorful, reflecting their spirited nature.

(Suggestion only!)

Eyes: Astraea (AP: 1)

The pupils form a starry shape. (They can have various number of points).

Eyes: Radiant Aether (AP: 2)

The eyes are pupilless and shine brightly with sparkles and aether. The aetherling may be blind.

Eyes: Aethersight (AP: 3)

The aetherling bears shimmering eyes that hold the power of  aethersight: the ability to peer through invisibility and illusions. They may be blind as a result.

Enchanted Horn
(1 AP)

A magical, often spiraled horn on the head. Can be stacked multiple times.

Extra Ears
(1 AP)

An additional pair of ears that can detect subtle sounds. Can be stacked multiple times.

Crystal Sight
(1 AP)

A crystal eye sits upon the forehead, amplifying psionic power. Each additional eye is a stacked trait.

Whiskers or Antennae
(1 AP)

Whiskers or antennae on the head or body. Can be up to 25% body length (more length stacks this trait).

Aura: Aether Minor
(AP: 1)

A subtle magical aura that looks like globules of softly shining aether. Should be no larger than 25% of the aetherling's body size.

Aura: Aetherclouds
(AP: 3)

A luminous aura of drifting aetherclouds resembles the currents of the Sky of Worlds.

Aura: Borealis
(AP: 4)

Aether shines and shifts in patterns resembling an aurora.

Aura: Astraea
(AP: 4)

A haze of starry aether shrouds the aetherling in light.

Aura: Spectra
(AP: 4)

A haunting aura that resembles a circling gathering of spirits.

Aura: Orbitus
(AP: 5)

Up to four halos of light orbit the aetherling. A sign of a rising Paragon.

Crystal Shape:
(AP: 1)

Crystals of any type may contain shapes etched or carved into them.

Crystal Shape:
(AP: 1)

Soft, whimsical blobs of crystal cover the aetherling's body.

Crystal Shape:
(AP: 1)

Magical orbs of crystal dot the skin of the aetherling.

Crystal Shape:
(AP: 2)

The crystals can resemble stars with any number of points.

Crystal Shape:
Star Trails
(AP: 3)

Long, wispy crystals resemble shooting stars and waves of light.

Crystal Shape:
Hair Adornment 
(AP: 3)

Crystals that grow out of the hair instead of the body, resembling accessories or flecks in the hair or mane.

Crystal Shape:
Pure Aether (AP: 3)

The shape of the crystals resemble swirling wisps of aether energy. A sign of pure aether magic.

Crystal Shape:
Fey Minor or Fey Medius
(AP: 3 or 4)

Dramatic crystal formations shaped like whimsical fey or insect wings.

Crystal Shape:
Arcana (AP: 4)

Elaborate crystal patterns that resemble magic circles across the body. A sign of powerful arcane magic and a rising Paragon.

Crystal Shape:
Rings (AP: 5)

Instead of full attachment to the body, the crystals dangle as rings. They can be rocky or delicate shapes.

Note: They should not be floating!

Legendary Aether Traits

See the Aether section of Legendary Aetherlings: Paragons.

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