Human Forms: Aethrin

Aethrin: Social Aetherlings

The Aethrin are a name for aetherlings who travel and communicate with mortalkind in an alternative, humanlike form. Standing the size of the average Manu, the Aethrin are well-integrated into Aetherion society and serve a variety of roles and occupations. They establish friendships, rivalries, and relationships with members of all sorts of races and species.

Some Aethrin downplay their true nature and are cagey about their identity as elemental immortal creatures, while others are more open about it. The lifestyle of each Aethrin is as unique as the individual!

Aethrin Features

Aethrin can have various manifestations that are more or less humanoid, but the standard Aethrin has the following traits.

  • Human-sized body and humanlike body shape.

  • Clawed fingers and toes; feet may be aetherling-like or humanlike. Nails are made of crystal.

  • At least one visible body crystal.

  • Retains aetherling ears, eyes, and some body markings.

  • Optionally, retains tail and all crystals.

  • Has crystal teeth with slightly sharp canines. Bones and muscle are also made of crystal.

  • Can freely choose their own appearance, gender, etc, but must still be recognizable as the same design as the aetherling form but in a humanoid version!

For the purposes of the RPG and in Aetherion canon, an Aethrin form is identical to an Aetherling and capable of performing all of the same tasks, magic, etc. Some aetherlings might even take Aethrin form permanently!

If you own an Aetherling, you are free to design your own Aethrin form as you please.

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