Air aetherlings are descendants of Aria and are born from the primals Arctos, Anatol, Sembra, or Hesper. They are by nature wandering spirits, carefree and living in the moment. Their bodies reflect their free nature, with flowing, silky hair and delicate, aerodynamic crystal formations.

Air is the element of liberation and temperament, the source of sky and breath, yet also the harbinger of dark storms and ferocious gales. It is always in flux and its unpredictability sets it free from rules and limitations.


Air aetherlings have a wild, gregarious nature: they can't be told what to do, and they live at whatever brisk and chaotic pace they choose. They are imaginative and clever, endlessly curious, and tend to enjoy any opportunity to meet new creatures. Their allies are many, but friendships brief - some see them as careless and distant for this reason.

Air Arcane Qualities:
Damage ★★★★     Intensity ★★★     Longevity ★★★★     Control ★★

Air Essences

Air Nature essences reflect phenomena of the sky and winds of the worlds, as well as delicate objects that are lighter than air.

Air Spirit essences relate to feelings of freedom, opportunity, and open-endedness.

Nature: Clouds, the North Wind, Mountaintops, Sea Breezes, Lightning, Feathers, Silk, Breath

Spirit: Freedom, Whimsy, Excitation, Friendship, Curiosity, Imagination, Travel, Recklessness, Naivety

Air Elemental Traits

The following traits are exclusive to aetherlings that bear the Air element. To add Air as a secondary element, the cost is 2AP.

Note: All crystal traits stack with crystal size; the total AP/VP cost includes both Crystal Shape trait and Crystal Size traits.

Air Coloration

Air aetherlings often show delicate hues of green, blue, white, and grey, with swirling, cloudy or swishing markings.

(Suggestion only!)

Crystal Shape: Crest
(AP: 1)

The aetherling's crystals frame the face like crested feathers.

Wing Ears
(AP: 1)

The ears have soft, downy fur that resembles feathers or wings.

Eyes: Swirled (AP: 1)

The pupils appear like swirls or swishes of wind.

Eyes: Clouded (AP: 1)

The eyes are pupilless and full of cloudy patches, with misty puffs surrounding them.

Eyes: Electra (AP: 2)

Elemental energy bursts from the eyes in the form of crackles of electricity.

(AP: 2)

Tiny wings sprout from the head. 1 primary pair and 1 secondary pair, stackable.

Talon Claws
(AP: 1)

The claws take the shape of hooked, sharp birdlike talons with plated skin on the toes.

Aura: Caelus Minor
(AP: 1)

A subtle magical aura that looks like wisps of gentle wind.

Should be no larger than 25% of the aetherling's body size.

Aura: Nubilis
(AP: 3)

An aura resembling drifting clouds encircles the body.

Aura: Pluma
(AP: 4)

A majestic aura of luminous feathery magic surrounds the aetherling.

Aura: Fulgura
(AP: 4)

Lightning bolts of intense elemental magic crackle around the aetherling.

Crystal Shape:
(AP: 1)

Crystals grow in the shape of feathers, sometimes with plumed edges.

Crystal Shape:
(AP: 1)

Long, sweeping, delicate crystals form aerodynamic shapes across the body.

Crystal Shape:
(AP: 2)

Crystals grow in feathery clusters that resemble wing tufts.

Crystal Shape:
(AP: 2)

Twisting, flattened crystals cover the body and swirl about.

Crystal Shape:
(AP: 2)

Crystals form cloud-shaped structures that course along the body.

Crystal Shape: Electral
(AP: 3)

Forks of lightning-shaped crystal spread across the aetherling's body.

Wispy Tufts
(AP: 2)

A special fur growth pattern that resembles wispy wing tufts across the body. Can be paired with Downy Fur.

Crystal Shape:
Corporeal Halo
(AP: 5)

Delicate and intricate halos of crystal encircle the aetherling's body. Halos MUST have some attachment to the skin. A sign of divine power and a rising Paragon.

Body Mod:
Teeny Wings
(AP: 5)

Small feathered wings sprout from the aetherling's body. Up to 1 main pair and 1 secondary smaller pair. A sign of a rising Paragon.

Crystal Shape:
Ala Minor,
Ala Media
(AP: 3 or 4)

The crystals take majestic, winglike shapes on the body. They are not true wings but can grow quite large.

Body Mod:
Downy Fluff
(AP: 2)

Instead of fur, the aetherling grows soft, downy feathers that cover the body.

Body Mod:
Hair Drift 
(AP: 4)

The aetherling's hair dissipates into pure air magic, flowing on its own and drifting away.

Legendary Air Traits

See the Air section of Legendary Aetherlings: Paragons.

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