Earth aetherlings are descendants of Tiorra and are born from the primals Radyx, Calculon, Ratnah, or Skohn. Robust, powerful, and durable, their features resemble the hardy and organic qualities of nature: studded with crystals resembling armor, gemstones, leaves and vines.

Earth is the element of stability and endurance, building up the ancient lands that so many creatures call home. It is stable and reliant, but when its true might is called upon, it is catastrophic.


Earth aetherlings are loyal, proud, stoic, and tend to be reclusive, dedicating their formidable strength toward only the few they hold closest. Though they are slow to trust, once trust is made, it lasts for life. But should that trust ever be broken, an earth aetherling will never forget. They make a stalwart ally and trusted friend, devoted to duty and wholly immersed in their lifelong ambitions.

Earth Arcane Qualities:
Damage ★★★     Intensity ★★★     Longevity ★     Control ★★★★★ 

Earth Essences

Earth Nature essences are related to what is beneath one's feet - the soil, minerals, gemstones, geological phenomena, types of landscapes, and physical aspects of flora and fauna of the worlds. Also, foodstuffs and things made from them can fall under Earth.

Earth Spirit essences invoke emotions of duty, stability, groundedness, and control.

Nature: Granite, Gold, Amethyst, Bones, Iron, Mountains, Honey, Moss, Daffodils, Apples, Candy

Spirit: Contentment, Loyalty, Kinship, Trust, Honesty, Integrity

Earth Elemental Traits

The following traits are exclusive to aetherlings that bear the Earth element. To add Earth as a secondary element, the cost is 2AP.

Note: All crystal traits stack with crystal size; the total AP/VP cost includes both Crystal Shape trait and Crystal Size traits.

Earth Coloration

Earth aetherlings often have grounded, earthy tones and geometric or plantlike markings. They may also have jewel-like and golden hues.

(Suggestion only!)

Eyes: Faceted (AP: 1)

The pupils are made of crystal themselves, glowing like faceted jewels.

Eyes: Rosette (AP: 1)

The pupils take a gentle, flower-like shape.

Eyes: Crystal Construct (AP: 2)

Crystals overgrow the eyes completely, giving them an almost artificial, strange appearance.

Branched Horns
(AP: 1)

Crystals on the head grow in the shape of antlers or branches.

Segmented Horns
(AP: 1)

Crystals grow in segmented, often curled shapes like horns.

Leafy Tufts
(AP: 1)

Leafy fur formations cover the ears or patches of the body.

Razor Claws
(AP: 1)

The crystal claws grow incredibly long and sharp like a raptor.

Aura: Terra Minor
(AP: 1)

A subtle magical aura that looks like fragments of earth, sand, or shimmery jewels.

Should be no larger than 25% of the aetherling's body size.

Aura: Harea
(AP: 3)

A cloud of shimmering sand and dust surrounds the aetherling.

Aura: Terra Major
(AP: 3)

Large shimmering shards and fragments of earth surround the aetherling.

NOTE: these are NOT crystals, just magic!

Aura: Folia
(AP: 4)

An aura of luminous leaf-like shapes drifts around the aetherling's body.

Crystal Shape:
(AP: 1)

Floral, petal-like crystal shapes cover the aetherling's body.

Crystal Shape:
(AP: 1)

The crystals form leaflike shapes, sometimes including grooves that resemble leaf veins.

Crystal Shape:
(AP: 2)

Crystals resemble faceted, cut gemstones rather than raw crystal. The facets can take many shapes.

Crystal Shape:
(AP: 3)

Crystals form geometric, angular, and intricate formations of polygons.

Crystal Shape:
Bone Plating
(AP: 3)

The crystals trace the aetherling's body in the vague shape of bones or a skeleton.

Crystal Shape:
(AP: 3)

Large plates of crystals resemble armor or shields covering the aetherling's body.

Crystal Shape:
(AP: 4)

The crystals form majectic and intricate branches or roots that cover the body. A sign of a rising Paragon.

Legendary Earth Traits

See the Earth section of Legendary Aetherlings: Paragons.

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