Fire aetherlings are descendants of Agna and are born from the primals Solon, Ashera, Flaghrán, or Calara. Their intense and chaotic magics often manifest in wild, sharp crystal growths, feral and draconic traits, and a temperament to match the heat within.

Fire is the element of passion, intensity, heat, destruction, and rebirth. When called to its greatest fury, it is catastrophic - but when calmed, it is a source of warmth, joy, and comfort.


Fire aetherlings are spirited, lively, and fiercely protective of what they love. They tend to find moderation for the weak - it's all or nothing. This can lead to a temperamental, rash nature, but it's often paired with unmatched loyalty and ambition.

Fire Arcane Qualities:
Damage ★★★★★     Intensity ★★★★     Longevity ★★     Control ★

Fire Essences

Fire Nature essences invoke heat, flame, burning, and its aftermath on the natural world.

Fire Spirit essences invoke emotions of intensity, passion, comfort, fury, desire, chaos, and consumption.

Nature: Ash, Smoke, Incense, Candlelight, Blood, Explosions, Forest Fires, Pinecones, Warmth, Sunlight

Spirit: Desire, Fury, Determination, Passion, Anger

Fire Elemental Traits

The following traits are exclusive to aetherlings that bear the Fire element. To add Fire as a secondary element, the cost is 2AP.

Note: Crystal Shape and Crystal Size traits stack. 

Fire Coloration

Fire aetherlings often have warm, vibrant, twisting colors and markings that resemble flames, or ashy grey tones and flecks.

(Suggestion only!)

Eyes: Scaled (AP: 1)

Hard scales form around the eyes/face like a dragon.

Eyes: Inner Flame (AP: 1)

The eyes are pupilless and burn brightly, trailing flame.

Eyes: Dark Embers (AP: 2)

The eyes are dark and luminous like burning embers, exuding smoke and ash.

Glowing Insides
(1 AP)

The insides of the mouth, ears, and nostrils glow with bright, hot energy.

Ashen Breath
(1 AP)

The aetherling can exude smoke and ash from the mouth, nose, ears, or eyes.

Glowing Paws
(1 AP)

The aetherling's paws glow brilliantly.

Eternal Tail Flame (1 AP)

The tip of the aetherling's tail crackles with flame.

Aura: Ignis Minor
(AP: 1)

A subtle magical aura that looks like licks of floating flame. Should be no larger than 25% of the aetherling's body size.

Aura: Cinis
(AP: 3)

An aura of smoke, ash, and drifting embers floats about the aetherling.

Aura: Ignis Major
(AP: 4)

A fierce, roaring aura of flames encircles the aetherling's entire body.

Crystal Shape:
(AP: 1)

Body crystals that take the shape of licks of curling, rising flame.

Crystal Shape:
(AP: 1)

Tiny clusters of crystals that appear like flecks of ember.

Crystal Shape:
(AP: 1)

The crystals form long, sharp points along the spine and tail like a dragon.

Crystal Shape:
(AP: 3)

Crystals erupt from the body in beautiful sun-like and radiant shapes. They can be quite large.

Crystal Shape:
(AP: 2)

The aetherling's crystals are flattened and ridged along the body like plates of reptilian armor.

Crystal Shape:
(AP: 3)

The aetherling's crystals form ridged, impressive crests and jagged horns, giving them a draconic look.

Crystal Shape:
Regalia (AP: 4)

Ornate, flourished crystals adorn the body in patterns often resembling jewelry or regal attire.

Crystal Shape:
Ala Draconus
(AP: 4)

The crystals form grand displays resembling sharp, batlike wings. A sign of a rising Paragon.

Body Mod:
(AP: 4)

The aetherling's fur is magically ignited, crackling and glowing like flame. A sign of surging power.

Legendary Fire Traits

See the Fire section of Legendary Aetherlings: Paragons.

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