General Traits


Aetherlings are magical and diverse creatures. They appear as draconic, vaguely ferret-like creatures that vary greatly in size and shape, but all are recognizable by the luminous crystals that cover their bodies. These crystals are charged with energy to fuel them on their journeys.

Unusual traits are assigned a point value. Most traits cost Aether Points, abbreviated AP, but particular traits that reflect Voidal influence cost Void Points, abbreviated VP. AP and VP are acquired via special customs, make-your-owns, or added onto existing designs with special permission.

Body Types


Aetherling bodies are long and flexible, with short, five-fingered hands and feet and long, prehensile tails that are often longer than the total body length. Depending on body type and rarity, an aetherling can vary from ferret-sized to towering dragons 100 feet long, but the average aetherling can choose to shift between about the size of a cat and a large wolf. If you own an aetherling, feel free to alternate between small and large sizes as you please!


Most aetherlings have "Stoat" bodies: nimble and long, with delicate short  limbs and long whiplike tails. They are average in size and are very dexterous and agile. This body type is common across all elements.


Many aetherlings  have large "Beefy" bodies with thick limbs and strong builds. More adapted to running on the ground than other body types. Slightly less common than Stoat. Often seen among Earth and Fire aetherlings.

(AP: 3)

Less common are the tiny and dainty "Sylph" aetherlings. These are the smallest aetherlings, usually no larger than a cat. Sylphs tend to be seen among Aether and Air aetherlings.

Drake (VP: 1)

Rare and elusive, "Drakes" most closely resemble their draconic ancestry. They are the largest aetherlings, often towering over Mana. They have very long bodies and tails, arched necks, long faces, and razor-sharp claws. Many Void aetherlings have this body type.



Aetherlings' crystals are the source of their magical power and their way of nourishing their bodies. Diverse in shape, size, growth patterns, and colors, they are also an aetherling's pride and identity.


As a bean, the only major crystal is the Origin Crystal inside their chest, which was the piece of crystal the Primal used to create them. This serves as the aetherling's heart. There can be other tiny crystal growths as well. When the aetherling completes the Discovery, their body and crystals grow to full size.

Crystal Shapes

Normal aetherling crystals grow in organic shapes and patterns.

They can be faceted, angular, jagged, stone-like, or even smooth like glass.

Crystal Size and Coverage

Crystals should grow in at least two different spots on the body, usually in clusters. They're often plentiful and can be many sizes, but very large or small amounts are rare and reflect especially strong or weak magics.

Small Coverage

Smaller and sparser crystals might indicate a slightly weaker aetherling, or one with more subtle magic.

Medium Coverage

This crystal size and coverage is average for aetherlings.

Large Coverage
(AP: 1)

Large crystals and wide body coverage can indicate an aetherling with above-average power, or power that's more unruly and wild.

Massive Coverage
(AP: 4)

Extremely large crystals, or crystals over a huge portion of the body, show an aetherling gifted with potent potential. These aetherlings may one day rise to become Paragons...

Sparse Coverage (AP: 4)

A few aetherlings have almost no visible crystals except for small accents. These aetherlings are quite weak and pitied by others of their kind - but sometimes this could mean a possible Void connection...

Crystal Colors

Aetherling crystals come in almost any color of the rainbow, though they usually tend toward a single bright, glowing color. Other colors and color patterns are possible, but rarer.

Other rare crystal traits are restricted by element.

Crystal Color Range

All bright colors are normal for aetherling crystals. Especially dark crystals are unusual, while black or near-black crystals indicate a strong Void connection.

NOTE: This ONLY applies to crystal colors. All body or marking colors are OK.

Single Color

Most aetherlings have crystals of one main color or a soft shade.

Minor Gradient

A soft gradient of two similar colors. Examples: red/orange, blue/ green, pink/red.

White Gradient

Any color blended with white or a very pale tone.

Major Gradient
(AP: 1)

A strong gradient of two distinct colors. Examples: red/blue, pink/yellow.

(AP: 2)

Whole or parts of crystals are split between two distinct colors. Can indicate a future secondary element.

(AP: 3)

3 or more colors appear as a gradient, as facets, or as multicolored crystals. A sign of wide-reaching mastery.

Dark Crystals
AP: 3  or VP: 1

Crystals that fall under the "Dark" section of the color chart above. Can indicate the influence of the Void.

Head Traits


Aetherling faces have draconic features that reflect their divine ancestry. They have gently angled, vaguely reptilian muzzles with hard, beaklike mouths. The muzzle shouldn't be too straight or bumpy. Their mouths have one or two notches along the edge and shouldn't be smooth or jagged in shape. Normal aetherlings do not have teeth.


Aetherlings have expressive, diverse eyes. They can be humanlike, animalistic, or anything in between. Some have eyebrows made of hair, markings, or crystal growths. Some even have crystal eyelashes. Pupils can be round, oval, slit-like, diamond shaped, or blank. Eyes can be any color (except pure black, a Void trait), but they often match the crystal color.

Below are some special eye types. Other rare eyes are listed under Elemental traits.

Eyes: Luminous (AP: 1)

The eyes shine brightly, sometimes shedding trails of glowing magic.

Eyes: Odd Color (AP: 1)

Each eye has a different iris or sclera color.

Eyes: Odd Shape (AP: 1)

Each eye has a different pupil or iris shape.


Aetherling ears are big and leathery, and can resemble mammals, dragons, or other creatures. They can be smallish, or large and showy, but should be symmetrical and covered in fur, hair, or skin. Some ears have crystals growing off of the earlobes. Some aetherlings also pierce their ears.

Below are unusual ear traits. More are listed under Elemental traits.

Ear Damage (AP: 1)

A battle wound has torn a piece out of the aetherling's ear.

Crystal Ears
(AP: 2)

Instead of flesh, the ears are formed entirely out of crystal.

Extra Long Ears
(AP: 2)

The ears grow exceptionally large and often have long, flowing fur.

Mane and Hair

Aetherlings have no limits when it comes to manes and hair. While their whole bodies are covered in soft, often fluffy fur, the hair on their heads is especially diverse in texture, length, and style. Aetherlings love individuality and enjoy styling, cutting, or shaping their hair in all sorts of ways. Others have more animal-like manes of wild hair, keeping it untamed.

Other Body Features


Aetherlings have dexterous paws that resemble human hands or ferret paws. They have five digits on both their hands and feet, with crystalline claws and soft paw pads. The claw color must always match the crystal color. Their paws can be quite dainty, since many aetherlings prefer to use magic to float or drift just above ground rather than running.

Aetherling paws are capable of grabbing onto things, using tools, and even writing and painting just like a mortal humanoid can.


Aetherlings have strong, agile, prehensile tails that they use to grab onto things. Some even wield weapons with the tails or dangle from perches with them. Normal tails are 1-2 times the body length. Other tail lengths are less common.

Extra Short Tail
(AP: 2)

An especially short tail might represent weaker-than-usual magic.

Nub Tail 
(AP: 3)

A tail this short shows stunted growth. Something went awry during the Discovery.

Extra Long Tail
(AP: 3)

An extra-long tail is seen as a good omen among aetherlings, a sign of great wisdom and magic.

Cascading Tail
(AP: 5)

A rare few aetherlings have extremely long tails that flow like water or ribbons; this is seen as a blessing by the Six.


The life of an aetherling is full of adventure - but these adventures are not without danger. Sometimes an aetherling sustains significant injuries in their lifetimes. However, this is a rare occurrence because aetherlings have hardy bodies that quickly regenerate from most wounds. It takes a significant injury to leave permanent scarring. These scars heal over with crystal rather than flesh, showing a glimpse of their crystalline internal bodies.

Minor Scarring 
(AP: 1)

The aetherling sustained severe enough injuries that the body couldn't fully regenerate, and instead healed over with new crystal growth. Crystals should match body crystal color. Minor scarring is cosmetic only, affecting the surface of the skin in small areas.

Major Scarring
(AP: 3)

These scars are deeper, can cover a significant portion of the aetherling's body, or can have damaged more than skin (such as the eyes).

Crystal Limb 
(AP: 4)

When an aetherling loses a limb, it grows back as crystal. Some dexterity is lost in that limb, but it becomes much stronger.

Crystal Tail
(AP: 5)

It's rare for an aetherling to lose their tail - the most useful appendage they have - and even rarer for it to completely regrow as both a stronger tool and a new weapon.

Missing Limb
(AP: 3)

Sometimes limbs just don't grow back, or it might take a long time. If an aetherling loses a limb, the stump shows some of their internal crystals.


Aetherlings have colorful fur covered with all sorts of patterns and markings, from the natural to the fantastical. The only particularly special marking are sparkle-like flecks called aethermarks.

 (AP: 1)

Like freckles when exposed to the sun, aethermarks are glittery, star-like specks that appear on any creature who's had long exposure to the Aethersky. Aetherlings tend to stick to the realms, but an especially adventurous soul can sport a few sparkles from beyond.

Some aethermarks can be connected by lines that trace the leyveins, appearing like constellations of the Verge Above.

 (VP: 1)

The dark, glimmery flecks known as Voidmarks are the antithesis to aethermarks. They develop when a creature finds themselves in close proximity to the Void's influence: magic gone wrong, an extended time near the Verges, or some other reason. Void Aetherlings often have these, but so can any other aetherling - and the marks can be painful for aetherlings without the Void element. Or at least itchy and uncomfortable...


Auras are manifestations of an aetherling’s constant, passive power. An aura is a condensation of elemental energy that gathers and slowly flows around an aetherling. They flash with light and flow wildly when an aetherling casts magic. Aetherlings can turn auras on and off at will. Not all aetherlings manifest auras, but many powerful individuals do, with some choosing to flaunt them as status symbols.

Aura Colors and Types

Aura colors follow the same rules and rarities as Crystal Colors, but the Aura does not have to be the same as the crystal color. It generally matches either the crystals or the eyes.

The type and size of auras is determined by rarity and element. See Elemental Traits for more.

Elemental Traits

Most other rare aetherling traits fall under a specific element. Only aetherlings of that element may bear those traits, including legendary Paragon traits. See the following elemental pages for more.

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