The rare and mysterious Void aetherlings are descendants of Nihila and born from her primals Inaan, Svazka, Morus, or Exitius. It is unclear where they or their Primals came from, considering Nihila's fate is unknown - but they exist, and they aim to make their presence known by undoing that 'balance' all the other aetherlings seem to enjoy.

Void is the raw, dangerously powerful force of negative energy. It is both nothingness and all-consuming, careless to the fears or plights of anything in the path of its hunger. It is not evil or dark - it just is, visible only as the emptiness it leaves behind. It is an extremely rare element to find within the Aethersky, and Void Aetherlings are one of its only sources.


The intentions and methods of Void Aetherlings vary greatly, from desiring pure death and destruction to simply experimenting with the laws of nature, but they have one thing in common: they know their reputation and they're proud of it. They do not speak of their Primals or their goddess. They simply wish to go about their bidding however they please, and they don't stoop to things like 'authority' or 'law'. Whatever each individual's morals are, they follow those morals fiercely. Many even do have a sense of justice - just a twisted one. They are picky about their friends and even pickier about their enemies. A wise creature should be concerned about becoming either.

Void Arcane Qualities:
Damage ★★★★★     Intensity ★★★★★      Longevity ★★★    Control ★★

Void Essences

Void Nature essences are the physical forces that contribute to the inevitable entropy of all things. Things that harm, things that rot, things that snuff out the light...all of these are perfect for a Void aetherling.

Void Spirit essences represent the darkest reaches of the mind and soul. While negative energies can fall under Aether as well, Void Aetherlings don't prefer to heal - they love to relish in it, seeking out the suffering or corrupted and following them like a menacing shadow.

Nature: Decay, Plague, Mold, Pollution, Scorched Earth, Snake Venom, Nightshade, Death, Silence, Darkness

Spirit: Nightmares, Terror, Pride, Bloodshed, Hatred, Envy, Desolation, Hopelessness, Loneliness, Loss

Void Elemental Traits

The following traits are exclusive to aetherlings that bear the Void element. To add Void as a secondary element, the cost is 2VP.

Void Coloration

Void aetherlings are often dark and deep in color. Black and vivid reds, blues, and violets are favored, along with wild, jagged, and dramatic markings.

(Suggestion only!)

Eyes: Ritual (VP: 1)

Dark runes form the pupils of the eyes.

Eyes: Empty (VP or AP: 1)

The eyes are pure black (VP) or pure white (AP).

Eyes: Singularity (VP: 1)

The pupils are pinpricks of light in a dark void.

Eyes: Sanguine (VP: 1)

Inky void magic pours from the eyes like blood.

(VP: 1)

Additional eyes, fully functional, grow out of the head or body. Stacks for every 4 eyes added.

Crystal Fangs
(VP: 1)

Rrazor-sharp fangs of crystal line the mouth. They may grow from inside or outside the mouth edge.

Lost Senses
(VP: 1)

The aetherling is completely missing one or more sensory organs. Choose eye/s, ear/s, mouth, or nose.

Razor Talons (VP: 1)

The claws are extremely long, razor-sharp, and serrated like dagger blades.

Crystal Color: Voidal
(VP: 1)

The crystal colors fall under the very dark "Void" section of the chart on the General Traits page.

Aura: Riven
(VP: 1)

Cracks in the fabric of aether form as Void magic appears around the aetherling.

Aura: Aether Unmade
(VP: 2)

A dark, shimmering veil around the aetherling resembles a warped reflection of the aethersky with black stars.

Aura: Ankathos
(VP: 2)

A dangerous aura of coiling thorn or spikes that encircles the aetherling. At will, it can be used to damage foes who touch it.

Aura: Lanceus
(VP: 2)

An aura of pointed spear-like shapes that circle the aetherling. They can appear to stab or impale the aetherling; this adds 1 VP.

Aura: Ritual
(VP: 3)

A powerful aura that signs a rising Paragon; aetherlings shrouded in runes hold great arcane power. Cost can be reduced to 2VP if it's only runes (no circles).

Aura: Vulnera
(VP: 2)

An aura of bleeding energy that emanates from a point on the aetherling's body. This aura may or may not cause the aetherling pain.

Aura: Larva
(VP: 3)

A semi-autonomous aura that appears to coil around and grasp the aetherling with shadowy, clawed energy. It can be directed to attack on the aetherling's behalf.

Aura: True Voidal
(VP: 3)

Spiraling voidal energy arcs around the aetherling in pure concentrated form. This aura may be reduced in size to reduce the cost to 2 VP.

Body Mod:
Missing Crystals
(VP: 1)

No crystals are visible outside the body. In truth, all the crystals are hidden inside the aetherling.

Crystal Shape:
(VP: 1)

The classic Voidal crystal shape, jagged and sharp as a knife.

Crystal Shape:
(VP: 1)

Pointed, twisting crystal thorns or spines cover the body. Does not obey symmetry rules.

Crystal Shape:
(VP: 1)

Instead of normal body crystals, cracks in the skin reveal internal flesh crystals that can jut out of the wounds. Can be painful. Does not obey symmetry.

Crystal Shape:
(VP: 2)

Long and sleek blades of crystal jut out of the body, resembling daggers and swords.

Crystal Shape:
(VP: 2)

Curved blades of crystal protrude in dramatic shapes from the body.

Crystal Shape:
(VP: 2)

Delicate, pointed spearhead-like crystals jab out of the body.

Crystal Shape:
(VP: 2)

One or more crystals pierce the body completely. This may be painless or excruciating for the aetherling.

Body Mod: Mane Overgrowth
(VP: 2)

While aetherlings can have any length of hair on the head, the entire body of these aetherlings is coated with a dense, long overgrowth of hair stimulated by Void magic.

Crystal Shape:
(VP: 2)

Delicate crystals form rune-like shapes that hold latent arcane power inside them.

Crystal Shape:
Wound Overgrowth (VP: 2)

Open wounds are overgrown with crystals that jut out like bones and cover the body. Not to be confused with Bone Plates (Earth), which is on top of the skin. Overgrowth should not cover more than 50% of the aetherling.

Crystal Shape:
Dark Wing Spikes
(4 VP)

A sign of a rising Paragon, these jagged crystal formations resemble bony draconic wings.

Legendary Void Traits

See the Void section of Legendary Aetherlings: Paragons.

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