Water aetherlings are descendants of Omia and are born from the primals Cyluna, Glacius, Fluvina, or Thalasson. Bearing a regal and serene composure, they remain graceful under even the greatest pressure. Shimmering manes and pearly crystals reflect their fluid magics.

Water is the element of both persistence and fluidity - ever-flowing yet ever-changing. It holds within it the life-giving beauty of change, yet beware the hidden fury of its disturbance.


Water aetherlings are creatures of introspection. Often less social than other types, they prefer to reserve their energy for only the dearest creatures in their lives, enjoying solitude, serenity, and the opportunity to dive deeply into their thoughts and experiences.

Water Arcane Qualities:
Damage ★★     Intensity ★★★★     Longevity ★★★★     Control ★★★

Water Essences

Water Nature essences relate to phenomena involving water, such as weather and natural formations, as well as any form of liquid - ice, mist, rain, steam, and the forces that govern them.

Water Spirit essences invoke emotions of calmness, change, memory, and introspection, as well as sorrowful, deep emotions held hidden inside.

Nature: Rivers, Oceans, Rain, Frost, Lotus Flowers, Tears, Nectar, Mist

Spirit: Calmness, Serenity, Nostalgia, Sorrow, Knowledge, Introspection, Vengeance, Bitterness

Water Elemental Traits

The following traits are exclusive to aetherlings that bear the Water element. To add Water as a secondary element, the cost is 2AP.

Note: Crystal traits stack with crystal size; the total AP/VP cost includes both Crystal Shape and Crystal Size traits.

Water Coloration

Water aetherlings often have cool, deep hues of blue, green, and icy white, and markings that flow gently along their bodies.

Suggestion only!

Body Mod: Gills (AP: 1)

Gill slits grow on the neck or face. They glow gently from inside.

(AP: 1)

Sleek fishlike whiskers emerge from the face. Use 1 trait per head length of whisker.

Frost Breath
(AP: 1)

The aetherling's breath exudes icy mist and flecks of frost.

Body Webbing (AP: 1)

The ears and paws may be webbed (choose one per trait usage).

Aura: Aqua Major
(AP: 4)

A torrent of water flows about the aetherling like a miniature river.

Aura: Aqua Minor
(AP: 1)

A subtle magical aura that looks like drifting water droplets.

Should be no larger than 25% of the aetherling's body size.

Aura: Effervesca
(AP: 3)

Shimmering water bubbles surround the aetherling's body.

Aura: Glacia
(AP: 3)

A haze of ice, snow, and frosty mist surrounds the aetherling.

Eyes: Cephalo (AP: 1)

The pupils take a spotted, octopus-like shape.

Eyes: Abyssal (AP: 1)

The eyes are nearly black with dark irises like a shark.

Eyes: Ice Crystal (AP: 1)

Pupils are misty and shaped like ice or snowflakes.

Eyes: Snowheart (AP: 2)

The eyes are dusted with frost and shine with magic.

Eyes: Weeping (AP: 2)

Water magic flows like tears from the eyes.

Crystal Shape:
(AP: 1)

Crystals take a teardrop shape or resemble sprays of water.

Crystal Shape:
(AP: 1)

Crystals flow across the body in streams and crests like waves.

Crystal Shape:
(AP: 2)

The crystals form delicate, fish scale patterns that take a variety of shapes.

Crystal Shape:
(AP: 3)

The crystals replace the hair entirely, taking the shape of shiny, flowing filaments or locks.

Crystal Shape:
(AP: 4)

Impressive or delicate formations that resemble ice crystals cover the aetherling's body. They can be small ice crystals as well.

Body Mod: Cetus
(AP: 3)

The aetherling's tail tip ends in a leathery cetacean fin.

Body Mod:
(AP: 4)

Small and delicate fins cover the aetherling's body, enhancing their underwater abilities. A sign of a rising Paragon.

Body Mod:
(AP: 4)

A long, sleek fin grows down the aetherling's back and tail. It can also cover the back of the neck and head. A sign of a rising Paragon.

Body Mod:
(AP: 5)

Long, elegant tendrils of delicate fins trail down the body. A sign of grace and power and the potential to become a Paragon.

Legendary Water Traits

See the Water section of Legendary Aetherlings: Paragons.

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