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Nebulon: Body Traits

Body Fins


Nebulon have fairly simple anatomy: their bodies are long and serpentine, and their heads are small and rounded at the end of a long, snaking neck. There are a few major body fins that all Nebulon have: a sail fin on the back, two wing fins at the chest area, and a tail fin at the end of the tail.

Additional fins can be added on, and belong to different rarity tiers.

Common: extra pair of large and small fins on the sides of the tail, a smaller back fin behind the sail fin, and a small head fin.

The wing fins may optionally have talons on the "wrists": these talons have three claws - two fingers and a thumb.

Uncommon: additional large set of fins on the tail, and can have talons with three fingers.

Rare: an additional, smaller set of wing fins (no talons), a larger back fin, additional head fins, and even a secondary sail fin.

Legendary: an extra set of wing fins with optional talons. These can appear in front of or behind the normal wing fins.

Fin Shapes

A Nebulon's fin shapes are usually sleek and simple, but as one ages, the fins' shape can evolve and morph, becoming more elaborate and detailed in silhouette. 

Common Fins

Most Nebulon fins are smooth, graceful, and aerodynamic like a sail. The silhouette can be completely smooth, or have smaller notches, ridges, and bumps.

Uncommon Fins

Less commonly, a Nebulon's fins can have more dramatic notches, ridges, slats, curves, and other features.

Rare Fins

Rarer Nebulon fins can have more dramatic shapes that deviate from the normal sail shape. Some Nebulon might even have fins that vaguely resemble the wings of animals, such as bats, birds, and insects, or fins that split completely down the middle to form long slats and angles.

Legendary Fins

Ancient and powerful Nebulon can sometimes develop beautiful, intricate fins that have inner patterning cut out of the silhouette. The outline of the fin can be very detailed, resembling long flowing strands, feathers, lace, and other ornamental elements.

Facial Features
















While Nebulon's head shapes are simple, their faces can vary a good amount! There are a variety of features a Nebulon can have on their face. A few general rules to follow:

  • Nebulon have four eyes: a primary pair which senses visual light, and a smaller secondary pair which senses magical auras and can see concentrated energy sources.

  • Nebulon heads are completely round: there is no visible "snout" or nose bridge.

  • Nebulon do NOT have mouths, however some have a "pseudo-mouth" ridge (see below).

Facial Traits

Here is a list of some facial features a Nebulon can have. It's not uncommon to see small extra protrusions, tiny fins, and so on that decorate Nebulon's heads and faces. More rarely, one might see decorative frills, whiskers, and even scales. These features can also appear on the body.



Small Tendrils










Medium Tendrils












Long Tendrils



Nebulon eyes are highly unusual but well-adapted to their environments in the outer aether. Their main eyes are sensitive to light, allowing for vision in near darkness. Their smaller secondary eyes are designed to pick up traces of aether, allowing a Nebulon to track down energy sources. This has the fortunate side effect of being able to detect magical presences.

NOTE: These are only some possible eye types, and don't represent all options!

  • Common eyes are a blank single color.

  • Uncommon eyes have round pupils on either a black or colored sclera. The pupils can be colored or white - but NOT black.

  • Rare eyes can be elaborate shapes and patterns, or any pupil shape other than a circle.

  • Humanlike eyes (dark pupils and white sclera) do not appear on Nebulon.

  • The eyes remain the same in Terran form. Common eyes may optionally have an iris/pupil in Terran form (for expression), but the sclera must be colored and the pupil can't be dark.









Shine Bright Like a Diamond








(optional talons!)