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Masters of the Aether

Nebulon: Masters of the Aether

A Nebulon's age determines its power and wisdom. It takes a very long time for one of these creatures to age, with full maturity taking over 200 years. Nebulon over 10,000 years old are not unheard of.

Nebulon life stages are each named and classified in the Life Stages page. Baby Nebulon, called Neona, are feisty, instinctual, and energetic creatures that learn quickly. Older Nebulon gain profound wisdom and experience over centuries of exploration and adventure.

Nebulon play a major role in the societies of the Aetherion. Because of their age and wisdom, Nebulon are often called upon by the great leaders of history, and may themselves help to govern civilizations.


Most mature Nebulon are even-tempered, patient, and just, and can be relied on to be honest and fair in all their decisions. This makes them ideal candidates for judging, advising, lorekeeping, and governing. Older Nebulon can also refine their microstar's power into a form of raw magic similar to trained aether-based spellcraft, making them powerful magi in their own right.

No one is quite certain where Nebulon came from, and even they can't decide among themselves.


Some claim that Nebulon are older than time and were around before the Six Sisters appeared. Others think that they are descendants of Gaia, or even Nihila.


Some Nebulon say that they were made by a separate deity entirely, and that they represent a lost divine energy. Despite all the unknowns, the Nebulon are here to stay.

The Nebulon are a race of ancient and powerful aetherforms. Spending almost their entire lives in the vast expanse of the Aetherion, they gather eons of knowledge and great aetheric power in their travels.

Nebulon appear as massive, finned, serpent-like creatures often more than 60 feet (20m) in length. Their most notable feature are their metallic horns, which draw in and capture raw aether to create a concentrated energy sphere called a "microstar".

The Nebulon are cherished by some races for their great power and long lives. Many Sylori consider them sacred, and some think the two species are related.

A Nebulon's microstar is its source of power and nourishment. Gathered from aetherclouds and concentrated by its horns, the microstar is incredibly dense and powerful.


Nebulon are able to use the microstar to release blasts of raw aether as self-defense and a means of long-distance travel. Using a large blast, a Nebulon can tear open the fabric of the Aetherion, making a temporary aethergate that it can slip through to teleport great distances.

Nebulon gain more magical abilities as they age, but some shared abilities are the use of telepathy to communicate, as well as innate shapecraft magic to change forms.

When a Nebulon lands on the surface of a pearl, their normal forms are difficult to move around in. To make up for this, most prefer to take a humanlike form, called the Terran form, to walk and speak with other creatures without needing telepathy.

The Terran form shares the horns, microstar,  and eyes of the main form, but gains a large humanlike body which stands 6-9 feet tall.  There are two variants of this form: one is more humanlike, and the other keeps more of the original dragonlike features. The "Terran Form" page has more information.

Overall, Nebulon are a diverse species and can come in all shapes and colors. Their traits are listed on the Traits page!