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Masters of the Aether

Nebulon: Terran Form

Nebulon are capable shapeshifters, able to use an innate form of shapecraft to assume a form more able to travel on land and interact with the cosmopolitan races of the Aetherion.

This shapeshifted form, called the Terran form, stands between 5 and 9 feet (1.5-3m) in height.

The Terran form comes in two variants: Draconic, which retains most of the original Nebulon's features, and Anthran, which gives up most of those features in order to look more humanlike. A Nebulon can choose which form to take when shifting, but can ONLY choose one or the other: there is no mixture of the two variants.

Variant: Draconic.

Draconic and Anthran Forms


Major body fins, the tail, the back sail/s, the body color, and the three or four-fingered talons are retained. The feet have two or three talons, your choice.


The body colors and markings mirror the aetherial (dragon) form. Skin color either completely matches the aetherial form or is humanlike, but ONLY on the face, neck, and upper torso.

This form is nude by default; any clothes have to be put on afterward.


Only the horns, microstar, and eyes are kept intact. Skin is humanlike. Hands and feet are humanlike, with short claws. The tail, and all fins, are absent.


Optionally, the Nebulon can shapecraft an outfit upon entering this form: the outfit often reflects the colors and markings of the true aetherial form.

Variant: Anthran.