Lore Summary

The Universe


The Aetherion, the Sky of Worlds, and the Aether-Sky are all names for this realm, which is a vast sphere full of luminous aether and micro-worlds called Pearls. 


Pearls are small self-contained realms protected by a glowing barrier called an Atmos. The Atmos holds the sky, sun/s, and moon/s of each Pearl. The climate of the Pearls depends on their locations in the Sky and proximity to the four elemental regions. 


Out in the aether, travel is possible with flight and vessels, quickened by traveling along branching tunnels of energy called the Aetherveins. It’s possible to explore the aether’s many drifting islands outside the Pearls. Movement is similar to swimming through water. In most areas, creatures can breathe the aether but prolonged exposure can cause sickness unless the creatures are adapted to living there. The outer aether has its own climate and elemental currents that determine the seasons.


At the edge of the Aetherion is a barrier called the Verge. Reaching the Verge is nearly impossible. It is split into two domed halves: the Verge Above (the Zenitha), which is full of interwoven spirits called Stars, and the Verge Below (the Nadira), which is a stormy expanse beneath the habitable region of the Sky. The souls of the dead are said to go to one of these places before their rebirth. 


Beyond the Verge is the Void, an endless emptiness. Occasionally, threats from beyond the Void attempt to cross the Verge.





In the beginning, there were six Elements and six sister dragons that represented each element: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Aether, and Void. Competing for newly-created territory, the sisters of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air battled to the death. The sister of Aether, Gaia, pleaded for the fighting to end, but she was ignored. The sister of Void, avoiding confrontation, left the Aetherion and was never seen again.


The aftermath of the sisters’ war left the universe in unstable chaos, so to control it, Gaia sacrificed herself. With her last wish, she created the Primals from the sisters’ bodies and the Ascendants from her spirit. The Primals are twenty-four dragon gods, four to each element, who protect nature. The Ascendants are twenty-one deities (plus three exiled ones) who are based on their alignments: seven Neutral, seven Good, and seven Evil. They are tasked with guiding mortals.


The living creatures of the aether came about after the end of the sisters’ war. Each living thing has a crystal inside its heart called a Heartshard, and while its manifestation changes depending on the species, it holds their soul and sources their magic. Magic is everywhere and used to shape the world.


In the current day, the Aetherion is made up of many civilizations of mortal and immortal creatures. The main group of civilizations formed an alliance called the Iona, which is a network of sixteen city-pearls. Technology is equivalent to the 1700s-1800s on earth, but with magic and elemental crystal-powered devices replacing most modern machines (called magitek).


Main Species


Many creatures call the present-day Aetherion home:


Aetherlings, which are immortal elemental creatures created by the Primals to do their work in the world. Each aetherling’s life revolves around finding and protecting their Essence, which is a small aspect of the natural and spiritual world. Their bodies are covered in elemental crystals that fuel their magic.


Mogi, which are tiny masked spirits created from an entity known to them as “the Great Tree”. The Great Tree’s legend is vague and many Mogi don’t know if they believe it or not. Some dedicate their lives to following the call of this Tree, while others couldn’t care less. Mogi’s bodies are very sensitive to magic, so magical trinkets called Gizmos can change their shape.


Nebulon, which are ancient, aether-faring serpentine creatures of unknown origins. They have metallic horns that trap and concentrate aether into a single point called a ‘microstar’. This allows them to release bursts of powerful magic or create aethergates to teleport long distances. They are natural shapeshifters and can take humanlike forms.


Sylori, which are aether-dwelling merfolk once descended from a species of violent creatures beneath an ocean pearl. Under the guidance of four leaders gifted with the Nebulon’s blessing of magic, they broke off from their homeworld to build new and thriving civilizations.


Daimons, which are the diverse supernatural descendants of the Ascendant gods. Like their ancestors, they are divided into Neutral, Good, and Evil and control certain aspects of the world with their power. Their souls are bound into their true names, and they may add or lend syllables to these names to share or grow their power.

Daimons are one of two species eligible for a Free MYO:


Sacred Taurians, which are centaur-like spirits made by the Ascendant of Nature to honor the deaths of blessed or favored animals. The original animal’s soul lives on in a Taurian’s body, but they only remember their past lives like vague dreams. Their animal souls can take all sorts of forms.

Sacred Taurians are one of two species eligible for a Free MYO:


The Solscian and the Luminara are a twin set of newly-discovered species residing on a pearl once hidden from existence. Based around the sun and moon, their cultures are deeply divided and they exist in isolation from one another. Both species are burdened with a curse that slowly corrupts them as their magic overtakes their bodies.

Other Species


There are many other creatures in the Aetherion, including mortal creatures. Here are some of them:


Manu (singular Mana) are the humans of the Aetherion. They make up about 70% of the universe’s population. They are highly adaptable creatures able to make homes in all sorts of realms. Their culture is vibrant and integrates elements from many other species’ influence. Their sexes are fluid and can be changed in about 6 months’ time. They may also hybridize and make children with other creatures, both mortal and immortal. Each Manu is born with a ‘birthgift’, which is a small magical talent that can be honed and expanded with training.


Zephyr are a once-reclusive race of sharp-eared birdlike folk native to a pearl in the Air-aligned region of the aether. Once bearing mighty wings that powered their elemental magic, they were stripped of their wings for their tyrannical deeds by Hesper, the Primal of the West Wind who created them.The Zephyr have since dedicated themselves to developing the aether’s best magitek.


Capry are a highly magical race of horned, often goatlike folk native to a realm in the Earth-aligned region of the aether. They are peaceful by nature and highly inquisitive, researching other species and forming alliances with them.


Other species exist and will be announced at a later date.

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